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Volcano Sunrise

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Costa Rican Traffic Jam  Volcano Sunrise  Akaka Falls
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Haleakala on Maui. Damn cold at 10,000 feet.

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  1. #1 rinkrat
    Re: Volcano Sunrise
    sweet. any ufos?
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    Guest 04:22 PM
    Re: Volcano Sunrise
    Quote Originally Posted by RinkRat
    sweet. any ufos?
    Yeah, but I wrote it off as sleep deprivation. Makes me wonder now...
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    Guest 10:21 PM
    Re: Volcano Sunrise
    Did you do the bike ride?
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    Guest 02:25 PM
    Re: Volcano Sunrise
    Quote Originally Posted by HattrickTR
    Did you do the bike ride?
    Yeah. It was a pretty cool experience -- extremely scenic and pretty interesting how you pass through 7 distinct ecological zones (IIRC, there are only 8 different ones in the world, Arctic being the only one you don't experience on Haleakala) in such a short distance.

    However, I doubt that I'd do it again. Getting up at zero-dark-thirty to get up there and then sitting around for hours waiting for daylight are not my idea of a good time when I'm on vacation. And as I said before, it's freaking cold up there.

    The tour companies that organize the rides are obsessed with safety, and rightfully so, but it makes for a very tame experience. It's not like I'm some adrenaline junkie who lives his life like a Mountain Dew commerical, but the ride down didn't meet the vision I had when I signed up for riding down the side of a volcano.