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No more "Hollywood Sign"

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No more "Hollywood Sign"

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by rinkrat
Willie Mitchell  No more "Hollywood Sign"  Drew Doughty
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Comments for No more "Hollywood Sign" (3)

  1. #1 KopiFan11
    Re: No more "Hollywood Sign"
    He looks so broken.. like the kings sticker to cover it up.
  2. #2 Tre West
    Re: No more "Hollywood Sign"
    It actually looks cool like that!
  3. #3 daxx
    Re: No more "Hollywood Sign"
    Dear Hollywood Sign asshats, The above shown photo is why you ALL suck and why all the movie making I going out of state. Why not allow a bit of free publicity take place and not try to wring a ****ing goalie of the two nickels you feel he needs to pay because you're being pretentious ****s! You are part of the degradation of life and culture in the Los Angeles region. People like you are the reason why I hate Hollywood.D